Local Artists’ Corner


The first book that began our collection of novels from local authors was Claudia Whittsitt’s “The Wrong Guy." Now, our list of authors is nearing 100 & continuing to expand! Contact us to add your book to our collection or to host a book signing event.

Our Authors

  • Dave Algase

  • Joanne C. Beckman

  • Glenn R. Bowman

  • Susan Boyle

  • Sarah Brabbs

  • Robert L. Brown

  • Pat Browning

  • Thomas Buzas

  • Jay Carp

  • Betsy H. Chamberlain

  • Gina Conkle

  • A.J. Dobek

  • Jeffrey P. Drozdowski

  • Mark Druckmiller

  • Irving T. Duck

  • Laura A. Edge

  • Gregory A. Fournier

  • R.J. Fox

  • Tywana R. Fredenburg

  • C.J. Grant

  • Joyce Van Haren

  • Michael P. Hartmann

  • David Hasey

  • Kelly Harkins

  • Kim Huhn

  • Kathleen M. Woods Ignatoski

  • David Ingerson

  • Jody Lee Jasper

  • Sharon Johnson

  • Henderson Jr.

  • Susan Kosky

  • Dr. Jonathan Lazar

  • S.J. Lomas

  • J.D. Marhevko

  • Shirley Fow Marks

  • Kathleen J. McClatchey

  • Leslie McGraw

  • Jodi L. McMaster

  • Bernard Mednicki

  • Brenda Meisels

  • Elizabeth Mikesch

  • Ted Montei

  • Dobbie, Beeler, & Moran

  • Edward Morin

  • Smitha Naypal

  • Miriam E. Snyder Nevares

  • Walter L. Palesch

  • Maureen Paraventi

  • Thomas Philp

  • Heather Richards

  • Shannon Rozell

  • Gladys Sabono

  • Dr. Michael Sanders

  • April Scarlett

  • Juliana Sisung

  • Cheryl Ann Smith

  • Deborah Stempien

  • Cindy Sommerfeld

  • Todd Stackhouse

  • Elaine Stienon

  • Stephanie Kadel Taras

  • Colleen Vance

  • Angela Verges

  • Ken Wachsbergers

  • Keith & Scott Walter

  • Dr. Michele White

  • Claudia Whittsitt

  • Eve Wilson

  • Kristin & Kathryn Wong

  • Melanie M. Zwegers

  • Pittsfield Creative Writers


On the blue walls around the fireplace at our cafe is where you will find unique works of art displayed. Local artists take turns displaying collections of their work to be enjoyed by our customers. Just like the rest of our displays, each painting is available for individual purchase!

Jewelry, Candles, & More!

Other displays of art that we carry include hand crafted jewelry by Mags & Gilly, gel candles by Lori Debling, postcards by D2 of Saline, glass sculptures, pottery, winter hats, & more. Stop by the cafe to see our current available merchandise from local artists!